Vareal Vietnam with charity activity

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Vareal Vietnam with charity activity


No one can ever forget the historic flood in Central Vietnam in late 2020 that took away a lot of lives of people and animals. The consequences of the floods were extremely terrible. When looking at the flood images of the central region, families and children drowning in flood water, even people covered in mud, the members of Vareal Vietnam could not help but act quickly.

Vareal Group’s philosophy is to create intellectual properties, inspire people and enrich people’s lives, so this event was an activity full of that message, where all members in Vareal Group can share their knowledge, opinions, and feelings.

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With the spirit of “Good leaves protect torn leaves” and “Teared leaves cover a lot of torn leaves”, members of Vareal Vietnam have donated money and have trusted to send the donated money to the Charity Fund “Quy Uom mam” – the Charity fund founded and run by benevolent hearts in the Vietnamese community at home and abroad. Assessing that when the flood water receded, the people in the central region would mostly need clean water for living, this Charity Fund raised funds to buy water filters and other necessary items and deliver them directly to the people in the flood areas. Here are some of the pictures from the charity team when delivering gifts to people in the flood area. 

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