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How is the annual health check at VV?


As a part of the Vareal Vietnam benefits for all employees, annual health check is an annual compliance and a meaningful benefit program for all employees of the company.

Last week, VVers were welcomed by doctors and medical staffs of Medlatec Hospital – one of leading specialized hospitals with modern equipment system, civilized examination space with the highest standards of examination. VV members had health check with a full range of categories such as: blood tests, ophthalmological examination, dentomaxillofacial, abdominal ultrasound, X-Ray…

Photo of VVers eyes examination
Photo of VVers ear examination

With the enthusiastic and professional support of the hospital staff,  VVers had the most comfortable and reassuring experience of medical service at Medlatec. 

Photo of staff of Medlatec Hospital

Vareal Vietnam hopes that the members will always feel secured and be in best health condition when working at the company!

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