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Who we are

Vareal Vietnam is a 100% foreign owned company from Vareal Group, Japan – one of the leading information technology corporations specializing in software services and digital transformation consulting in Japan. 

Vareal Vietnam was officially founded on 18 Apr 2019, as part of Vareal Group’s global expansion, as the outsourcing company. With a team of professional, enthusiastic and highly expertised engineers, we are capable and ready to provide the most excellent quality software services that any company needs. 

Quality, Speed and Professionalism are the business principles of Vareal Vietnam. We commit to clients about service quality beyond clients’ expectations and requirements. We commit to clients about the time frame and strive to respond promptly so that clients can make the best use of their time when doing business with us. And we commit to clients about professionalism that we listen to clients’ opinions, receive information and solve problems in the professional manner.

CEO Message

In Vareal, we always go forward, hand in hand, heart to heart to create intellectual properties based on science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, as well as inspire people and enrich people’s lives with a pioneering spirit. 

We don’t survive and wait for the world to change, we choose the way that we can live our passion, thrive ourselves, and create new values. 

Alone you can make a difference, Together we can make a change. 

Teramoto Masahiro 

General Director – CEO

Our services

Software Development

Vareal Vietnam is an outsourcing company that loves developing futuristic & custom Web and Mobile applications. We bring together decades of tech expertise to build robust and cost-effective applications for many companies in various industries.

With a team of  highly expertised engineers, we have been building robust and cost-effective applications for many companies in various industries. In addition to our strength of Ruby and Ruby on Rails, we also provide services with other technologies using programming languages: Python, Java, JavaScript …; libraries and frameworks: React, VueJS, Flutter … and cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform. 

AI Service

Vareal offers consulting services and development solutions relating to Artificial Intelligence, utilizing business understanding, software engineering, data utilization and machine learning.

Our mission is to provide businesses with AI solutions, which solve company’s issues, increase productivity and expand business.

Quality Assurance

Vareal offers full cycle testing services to ensure the highest efficiency, quality, and value of our deliverables. An experienced QA team will perform full cycle testing process from firstly requirement analysis, develop a test plan, define and execute critical test cases in finally.

We always strive to offer solutions to improve testing processes as well as keeping learning and improving our skills to meet customer requirements and deliver the best software products with the highest quality.

Our blogs

How do we work

Our Mission is to create intellectual properties, inspire people and enrich people’s lives. We are led our way by 3 pillars of core values that we are building and base on for our decision making and while doing our business:

Work together with STEAM at lighting speed

We work together with open mind and respect all views from individuals

We grow and provide services based on STEAM (“Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics”). Art is the essential element in our services.

Go beyond expectation and Touch one’s heart

We innovate and learn from failure and support others to grow and work in the way that brings out their best

We feel personally responsible for making sure customers have a positive experience with us.

We commit time frame and automate manual work

Contribute to society and human well-being

We make impacts that matter to our customers & stakeholders, society and environment by creating meaningful intellectual properties to the customers and society; complying with laws and regulations and sharing with the society.


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