Minh Nguyet - A beautiful girl and journey to achieve the ISTQB certificate

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Learning and working at Vareal Vietnam

Nguyet was born in 2000, a member of the Quality Assurance (QA) team, and started working as Intern QA at Vareal Vietnam. Undergoing a process of studying and getting used to the concept, the role of a tester in the project along with her own attempts and efforts to research and learn to develop herself, Nguyet has experienced and joined in many large projects, as well as worked together with clients and gained the tester’s important skills.

“At Vareal Vietnam family, I  have not only the opportunity to learn many new testing techniques (such as: API testing, automated API testing-basic level, etc.) but also been provided with suggestions and guidance to improve soft skills like document analysis, presentations, reports, etc.” Nguyet said in a sharing session in the company.

Studying and achieving the ISTQB certificate

One of the important highlights at Vareal Vietnam is that Nguyet has obtained the ISTQB foundation certificate (certificate of quality assessment with universal value for QA), within 2.5 months of self-study when she is still a fresher QA. The motivation and determination to take the exam are to recognize herself, improve her professional reputation, develop according to an internationally recognized standard and contribute to the development of the company. In addition, she may get attractive allowances and bonuses for this certificate as company policy. However, at first, Nguyet faced many difficulties in becoming familiar with the manners of doing exercises, specialized terms and in seeking effective learning methods.

Some tips to achieve the ISTQB certificate:

Here are tips that Nguyet shared during her study and exam preparation to achieve the ISTQB Foundation certificate:

 – Depending on the previous experience, you can self-study and prepare well for the exam; or maybe take a course at a training center for your interesting experiences. However, the feeling of self-studying, self-researching, and attempting to achieve results by yourself is great.

It is necessary to learn and understand the essence of each item in the textbook because the test includes the theory and the practical situations.

Get an overview of the exam: rules, exam allocation, grading, fees and exam dates

Take note, make a list of terms (including difficult words and phrases), especially synonyms and antonyms.

Practice doing exercises and exams many times

Determined, hardworking and spend a lot of time studying

To constantly reach out further, Nguyet is planning to continue to achieve the ISTQB Advanced certificate. Wishing this beautiful  and ambitious girl achieves her goals


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