Feel-good movies and TV shows to watch during your coronavirus quarantine!!!

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The Last Ship

Are you a big fan of adventure movies? If yes, this is one of the best adventure movies you can’t miss.

The Last Ship
The Last Ship

The Last Ship tells the story of the relentless battle that brave soldiers in the battleship called Nathan James fight with a deadly global pandemic. The film not only talks about the terrible devastation of the pandemic but also tells how people behave with each other nearing death,  people’s solidarity to find a vaccine to prevent disease and save lives.

Now, Covid-19 is continuing to spread around the world. These films will give you new perspectives and new feelings about the pandemic and how people overcome it.

Some other pandemic-related movies we recommend :

  1. The flu – 2013 (Korea)
  2. Train to Busan – 2016 (South Korea)
  3. Contagion – 2011

The Reply -1988

Reply 1999

If you like light-hearted, fun and meaningful movies, this drama is the best option for you. 

Reply 1988 is a Korean drama revolving around a group of families who quite literally live on top of one another in a small dirt and poor alley in Seoul.

The drama not only ebbs and flows around a love triangle between three close friends in an alley called Ssangmun Dong, but there are also many family, friend, and love relationships thoughtfully rendered throughout the drama.

Take a coca-cola, and popcorn; fall on the sofa and enjoy this drama.


Mot Nen Nhang

Is there anyone like me who is afraid of ghosts but loves to read, listen to or watch horror movies? It sounds contradictory, but it makes sense as people say that habit cures habit.

Mot nen nhang

Huynh Lap’s Mot Nen Nhang series with many ghost stories at many different horror levels will be a good suggestion for you to enjoy during this time.

Try it! Turn the lights off and watch it. After that, you will feel that someone is behind you.

Running Man

Would you like to watch something and experience the feeling of “laughing like crazy”? If your answer is YES, the Korean TV show called Running Man is a perfect recommendation for you.

Running man show

Running Man is a reality-variety show where the cast must complete missions at various places to win the race. With cast members who boast great chemistry together, crazy antics, and endless new challenges, This show will provide you with constant laughter and joy.

There is also the Running man show in VN, so if you are bored with the “Kim Chi” version, take a try with VN version. It is also funny and interesting.


Hopefully, our suggestions above will help you guys have more options to watch during your coronavirus quarantine. If you know any other interesting movies/TV shows, don’t hesitate to share them with us!


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