Vareal Group Meetup 2019

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Vareal Group Meetup 2019 - A special event


Aiming to promote communication, improve members’ motivation and generate synergy in Vareal Group, The event named  “Vareal Group Meetup 2019″”  was held in a beautiful Pullman Hotel on October 25, 2019, in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Vareal Group’s philosophy is to create intellectual properties, inspire people and enrich people’s lives, so this event was an activity full of that message, where all members in Vareal Group can share their knowledge, opinions, and feelings.

At this event, the General Director in the Vareal Group gave a speech on Group’s history and short-term and long-term plans.

Besides, the Sales Manager, AI development Managers, Project leader, and members had many useful presentations on sales strategy, teamwork, business division, project management, and so on.

English is the main language for us to exchange opinions, share thoughts, and discuss with each other in this event, but it is not never a barrier for us to connect with each other.

Vareal Group is a big family with members from different countries such as Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Brazil, Myanmar.

Therefore, this was not only an opportunity for all Vareal members to sit down and talk about their jobs, experiences, but also a good chance for us to share the culture and cuisine, people.

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