Let's see how VVers have fun when we work from home.

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Exciting activities during WFH period


Aiming to promote communication, improve members’ motivation and generate synergy in Vareal Group, The event named  “Vareal Group Meetup 2019″”  was held in a beautiful Pullman Hotel on October 25, 2019, in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Vareal Group’s philosophy is to create intellectual properties, inspire people and enrich people’s lives, so this event was an activity full of that message, where all members in Vareal Group can share their knowledge, opinions, and feelings.

What do you think about work from home? Boring, working morale going down or less connection?

Those things don’t appear in Vareal. Vareal always gives the staff a joyful ambiance even when they works at home. Lots of games and activities are organised and one of them is the outstanding activity for all VVers to introduce their meal in the period of working from home. It’s named as “Mam Com Gia Dinh”.

If you are still wondering “which dishes for today?”, Don’t wait. You should  flip the diverse menu of the Vareal family to get more ideas.

And finally, congratulation for the members who have excellently won the prizes in Vareal’s challenges. 

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